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How to choose the perfect furniture online using augmented reality features

So you’re ready to purchase furniture for your home, but you’re not sure how it will look and fit in your space. To purchase furniture with confidence, we always recommend using Augmented Reality (AR).

What exactly is AR?
AR is a system that allows you to see a 3D digital image in real-time. In other words, you can see the piece of furniture (a 3D image) in your own home before you buy it. AR is brilliant because you can even move, size and rotate the 3D image within your exact surroundings.

This Monte Luca Glider in hot pink with white Enviroleather piping is made using AR.

See and place the furniture within your space before purchasing

To use Monte Design’s AR, follow these 2 simple steps:

1. Make sure you are in a well-lit area, with an open space in front of you. Using a smartphone or tablet, click on "VIEW IN MY ROOM"

Augmented Reality online furniture

2. Wait for a 3D image to appear on your screen, then move your device to place the furniture in your space.

Augmented Reality AR feature to test before you buy the furniture online


* Pinch to size.
* Use one finger to move furniture left and right.
* Press & hold image while moving device to move the furniture within the room
* Use top & bottom rotating fingers to rotate the furniture.

You can even change the Monte fabric choices and colors to see how the actual item will look in your home.

See and place the furniture within your space before purchasing
See and place the furniture within your space before purchasing

Here are a few more important tips for how to choose the perfect piece of furniture online:

1. Measure your available space (including door frames & space for rocking/gliding)
2. Compare these measurements with the furniture measurements listed online
3. Choose fabric colors and textures that will complement your current aesthetic (IMPORTANT: Order fabric swatches in advance when possible)
4. Use AR to see a 3D image of the item in your home